About Us


Each experience is unique with Fishing Adventures. We take pride in customizing your trip for an amazing experience! 


We have the largest fishing boat, moored at Kolona Harbor, in Rhodes, with highly skilled staff to equip you with all the gear and guidance you may need to enhance your fishing and/or touring adventure.  We take advantage of every opportunity to magnify your quest, seizing the moment to enjoy a swim, snorkel, observe the magnificent marine life in the abundant Aegean sea, and enjoy amazing food, music and drinks!  

What can you expect with Fishing Adventures? You will be in direct contact with the Boat Manager leading up to your departure to ensure all needs and special requests are discussed beforehand.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly crew and, once made comfortable, you will be given a short safety orientation.  Safety is of the highest priority aboard our vessel.  


Our quality  service includes atmosphere, enjoyment, and a sense of wonderment. Music and flowing drinks are some of the many ways in which this can be achieved; however, it is important to mention that the experience is enriched by the service level of ALL crew onboard, who are focused on you and always on hand to provide an efficient, yet unobtrusive, service level.

All staff have vast fishing experience and, if you are on the boat to fish, we will make sure you are rigged-up and ready to go!  If you are on the boat for a sunset tour, you will enjoy candlelight, atmospheric music, cocktails, wine, and cheese.  All private tours are tailored, including any special dietary needs, allergies, or food preferences.  We are ready and willing to optimize your trip.

We ensure you are kept hydrated throughout the journey and we always feed our guests fresh fruit from local Rhodian farms as well as the Catch of the Day!  Fresh fish is in abundance, due to several fishing trips throughout the day.  We always have fresh fish ready to barbeque on deck, but the goal is to make sure it’s YOUR catch sizzling on the grill!  You will be fortified with all the fishing gear you need, as well as experienced and helpful fishermen onboard.