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Our Boat

Our boat is a 47 foot fishing vessel and the largest fishing boat moored at Kalona Harbor in Rhodes, adjacent to the castle!  With a walkable wrap-around deck, you will have the freedom to move from stern to bow in order to position yourself at your desired fishing place, viewpoint, or sunbathing spot!  We have the chairs for lounging, but many enjoy stretching out on the bow, a most desirable deck for some sun therapy.

Two dining tables (one in the indoor cabin and one on the covered deck) ensure that we are able to comfortably seat 20 passengers with the ability to enjoy delicious food, drinks, and relaxation, while shaded from the Grecian sun.


Our boat  also comes equipped with a cuddy cabin which sleeps up to 6 people, as well as kitchen, refrigerator, toilet, sinks, and shower.

Most importantly of all, Fishing Adventures follows all safety procedures and standards, meaning the boat is geared up with multiple life-saving buoys, several sizes of life jackets, including for small children, as well as multiple first-aid kits and all required safety equipment.  This includes making sure we have the required electronic equipment.  Marine radar is used for safety in terms of guiding the Captain through fog and darkness but it is also a fishing tool.  We wouldn’t be a great fishing boat if we didn’t have the electronic equipment needed to find the best fishing spots, but it’s still no match for Captain Andreas’ knowledge of the secret sweet spots!


Your fishing journey and touring experience will be the type of adventure that always puts safety first; therefore, every trip begins with a short safety orientation prior to departure so that the fun may begin. Get ready to do some swimming and snorkeling in some amazing areas of the island - don’t forget your swimsuit! Fishing Adventures ensures snorkels are onboard for your convenience and that they are sanitized for your safety as well.  We consider cleanliness and sanitization to be an extremely important safety precaution that all our passengers deserve.

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